The JENNIFER project work will be carried out within the following 5 Work Packages.

WP1 FLAVOUR PHYSICS AT AN e+e- COLLIDER.  Coordinator prof. Christoph Schwanda  (HEPHY, Vienna)

The objectives of WP! are to develop, implement and optimize the software tools and algorithms needed for performing physics analysis at the Belle II experiment. WP1 is also aimed at re-examining and strengthening the physics case of the Belle II experiment through collaboration with theorists an sharing knowledge about software tools and physics opportunities at Belle II amongst participants, provide training for ESRs on these topics.

WP2 Belle-II DETECTOR CONSTRUCTION AND TEST .     Coordinator dr. Hans-Günther Moser (MPI, Munich)

WP2 is aimed at designing, testing, installing and commissioning four main technologies:

  • a pure CsI crystal calorimeter for the forward region of the BelleII experiment at KEK
  • the Belle-II innovative silicon vertex detector, composed both of inner pixel layers and outer strip layers, and collaboration to the central drift chamber installation and commissioning
  • a detector optimization for radiation hardness, installation and calibration of both the barrel and forward Cerenkov radiation detectors
  • a diamond sensors based detector


WP3 NEUTRINO OSCILLATION PHYSICS. Coordinator prof. Vincenzo Berardi (Politecnico di Bari and INFN Bari)

WP3 objectives are to develop, implement and optimize the analysis of tools and algorithms for the physics program of T2K. WP3 will also assess the contribution of neutrino interaction in the sand and rock surrounding the near detector, study the neutrino-nuclei, MEC interactions and the anti-neutrino interactions. Finally, WP£ is also aimed to share the analysis techniques among the project participants and provide training opportunities for the ESR involved in the analysis of the process, increasing the interaction with KEK scientists.

WP4 TOWARDS HyperK. Coordinator prof. Francesca Di Lodovico (Queen Mary University of London)

WP4 objectives are to design the DAQ for near and far WC detectors, test photosensors of the prototype and the new calibration methods for a WC detector, study the near detector design and optimize the parameters of a HP TPC and measurement of parameters. WP3 is also aimed to provide a study towards a 750kW beam and more generally a multi W beam.

WP5 MANAGEMENT.  Coordinator dr. Antonio Passeri (INFN Roma Tre)

WP5 is aimed to manage secondments according to project needs in its various stages and components, organize annual meetings and foster the cross fertilization between different project activities, coordinate the outreach activities.