The key objective of JENNIFER is to maximize the return of these investments for European academic groups andĀ companies through promoting knowledge exchange between the participating groups and technology transfer towards Europe. Setting up these experiments requires designing novel detectors and exploiting state of the art technologies. In this sense both innovation and multidisciplinary aspects come naturally as necessary added values to the intrinsic fundamental scope of the research program.

JENNIFER aims at jointly investigating the quark and lepton flavour structure of the standard model of particle physics through participation in world-leading facilities managed by KEK, the national Japanese laboratory for particle physics:

  • on the one side the construction and commissioning of the Belle-II detector at the KEKB SuperĀ Flavour Factory will be pursued. A new forward calorimeter made of pure CsI crystals, a new silicon detector and a particle identification system are being designed and tested. The upgraded detectors shall be installed and ready by 2016, when the first physics data taking starts
  • on the other side the data analysis of the T2K neutrino oscillation experiment already showed evidence of the transmutation of muon neutrino into electron neutrino, although precise measurement of the oscillation parameters have yet to be performed together with the search for sterile neutrinos. In parallel, a challenging upgrade of the experiment is being designed aiming at detecting for the first time CP violation in the lepton sector.