The JENNIFER project will use the following technologies:

  • Silicon pixel detectors based on the DEPFET technology (Depleted FET) and double sided Silicon Strip detectors. Such solid state detectors require both ASIC integrated readout electronics or FPGA designed logic, with tight radiation hardness qualification.

  • Fast readout electronic systems with digital signal processing, to be designed for different kind of detectors, with different signals and requirements.

  • High bandwidth Data Acquisition systems, based on ATCA standard, with implementation of fast reconstruction algorithms on FPGAs.
  • Control and computing embedded systems for real-time applications.
  • Micro Pattern Gas Detectors (MPGD), with their possible applications (medical or security).
  • Gadolinium doped water Cerenkov detectors, with applications in neutron detection and¬†security.
  • Different kind of photodetectors: APDs, Silicon PMs, Micro Channel Plate photodetectors, large area and low noise photosensors. Fast timing performance and high gain are the main issues.
  • Reconstruction algorithms, Cloud computing and storage solutions. Large data volumes will have to be analyzed and shared between groups all around the world.
  • Fast scintillating crystals, with high transparency and light yield.
  • Diamond sensors produced by Chemical Vapour Deposition, both mono and poly-crystalline.
  • Laboratory instrumentation, including power supplies, high bandwith scopes, fast and slow¬†monitors, environmental sensors, high voltage power supplies for different kind of detectors.